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Company Basic Information

Established in 2007 and Based in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China , Telconn, a 12-year maker of digital products, is a leading manufacturing base that integrates R&D, mass production and sales. We specialize in tablet PCs electronics.


The company’s core management and technical backbone are all from domestic and international well-known communications technology companies in the field of mobile phone RF system, base band circuit, PCB Layout, industrial design (ID), structural design (MD), software design (SW), Manufacturing, Testing (TE), Quality Assurance (QA) and other fields.

Company adheres to AT THE CUSTOMER, FOR THE CUSTOMER business philosophy and dedicates to provide our clients with quality products and services.

Fashion beauty high-tech products

Our company is committed to researching and developing high-tech products of New fashion beauty idea, and constantly exploring the new market as to provide more and more customers with a full service from development, production, sales, to after-sales and technical support.

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Telconn Team

We, now have more than 1000 employees, the average age of which is less than 30 years old, about 90% of our month salary staff have a bachelor degree or above, of which 3% master's degree or above.

Under the ‘Idea of Be Valuable, Positive and Service NO.1’, this young but well-experienced team conquered multiple obstacles, just due to all person here thinking in such a way ‘selling products is not just selling products, we have to be a value provider, a honest and positive company to customize from needs.

Team Structure

Factory environment