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G-TiDE  H1


If you need to analyze data, attend online classes/ video calls, or watch movies while running in the gym, this 10.1-inch large tablet with a glass screen protector can reduce your eye fatigue. 

2022 Android 11 Go System

2022 Android 11 Go System

Android tablet H1 features the 2022 latest Android 11 system, making it so easy to switch between different apps, no bloatware or unexpected ads anymore. The powerful Quad-core A133 processor(1.6GHz CPU), ensures the tablet PC (GMS certified) run 20% faster for app launches, and provides a smooth multimedia experience.

Ample Storage, More Fun

Ample Storage, More Fun

G-TiDE tablet 10+ inch has 32GB storage, can be extended to 128GB by Sandick MicroSD card (not included). 6000mAh battery (USB-C) lasts for 5-10 hours of reading, writing, and watching movies. You can download various photos, eBooks, movies, and songs from the activated google play store, and enjoy your favorite apps Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, making entertainment time more fun.

Ample Storage, More Fun

The flagship of all-focus images, Exquisite

10.1 inches

Screeen size

1280*800 IPS


32GB storage Up to 128GB


5MP +8MP


Make your life a little easier

Make your life a little easier

Bigger, Clearer, More Comfortable

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